• Import, Marketing and Wholesale of Wines, Foods and Beverages in USA.
  • A Company TRULY specialized and FOCUSED on Quality Foods and Beverages, Healthy Foods, Frozen/Canned/Packaged Gourmet foods, Ready-to-eat meals, Mediterranean, Ethnic and Exotic Foods, Bio-Organic and Eco-friendly foods, and New fashion wines from small wineries.
  • Distribution to Specialty Stores, HORECA Channel and Supermarkets and other channels with the best quality-price ratio
  • Wine and Food Represention and Promotion through Trade events to promote and sale products to wholesale buyers, distributors and industry professionals.
  • Highly Professional Service: Our own staff personally manages your account during the whole process.
  • We deal directly with wineries and food manufacturers of Unique Products with Designation of Origin, Certified organic, ecological and handmade artisan foods
  • Free attendance to our trade events in USA for buyers, distributors and professionals of the Wine, Beverage and Food industry
  • AD GLOBAL CORP can properly register a company with FDA, act as its U.S. Agent, review product labels for FDA compliance, and submit Prior Notice to FDA. Click here to learn more.

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